The Proven Process

1. Call in for your free & confidential consultation, or submit your free & confidential contact form.

2. Complete your free consultation to assess your goals and needs.

3. Our team analyzes your goals in order to create a proposal for you.

4. If we all are in agreement after reviewing the proposal, then our team immediately begins work on your project.  If we do not agree on terms then hopefully we will have guided you in the correct direction.


Most frequent questions and answers

All communications with Proper Launch reps are confidential.  Our reputation as a trusted partner is worth much more than any one idea.

We always recommend the most cost effective solution so you can keeps your costs to a minimum. 

To complete the initial consultation…. just a few minutes, oh and its free.  We know you don’t have time or money to waste, that’s why we complete our agreed upon deliverables in just a few short weeks. 

All you need to do is call in for a quick consultation, which is always free. 

There are some studies that indicate a high difficulty of market entry, this is true. Most of the time studies shed light on pivots or enhancements that can made to ensure the best alignment with what your customers value most.  Making these adjustments upfront can position you for a proper launch. 

If we do end up becoming partners its because you perceive our relationship as highly valuable, this of course is our goal. But to figure out exactly what we do, you need to complete our proven process, (steps 1-4 listed above).